Faith Over Fear

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself” When Roosevelt spoke those words he was echoing an idea that had been passed on through time in one form or another.The idea is that whatever life brings us is just another experience but that our emotion (in this case fear) is something that is unique to […]

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Scrying Divination

The less common forms of scrying. Scrying is a divination technique and can also be a very useful tool in mediumship . The term scrying comes from theEnglish word “descry,” meaning tomake out dimly or to reveal. Scrying is a form of divination often used to predict future events or assist with clairvoyant abilities. It […]

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Cleansing your crystals. Cleansing crystals Cleanse the crystals as soon as they have been purchased and after every use. Once you buy the crystals, you will need to cleanse them of any residual energy that they have picked up on their way to you. It is important that you do this so the energy does […]


The Art of Distraction

Originally posted on Thoughts.:
Friends: This is copied from my ministerial facebook page. I have received so much input regarding this post, an energy update if you will, I thought to share it here, as a blog, along with beautifully pertinent added follow up from a beloved, as well as additional meanderings. ADDICTION: Anything we use…

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Astral Travel -Astral Projection

Astral Projection Astral projection is the act of separating the subtle or astral body from the physical body, so that the astral body can travel away from the physical body, carrying with it the consciousness of the traveler.The astral body can be projected any desired distance by the force of the will, even to the […]

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The Spirit Train

A great exercise that can be used alone or in a group setting – to help with psychic development & becoming more aware of spirit and subtle energies. The Spirit TrainThis is an exercise that is used quitea lot in past life regression andeven in future life progression. Wecan still use this method inmediumship also.In […]

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Our Journey as spiritual beings – Psychic Readings and guidance —

We are all connected.The living to the non-living, as the non-living to the living. All things in all directions at all times. It is only in the physical dimension that we have limitations. The readers here in our journey work to support everyone in need of guidance by acting as the bridge between the physical and the spirit world, we provide spiritual guidance, psychic readings, messages from the spirit world and everything in between.

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Chakra’s ……what are they?

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel.People who see chakras see them spinning.Some people can also see when chakras are blocked or affected by emotional, mental, physical or spiritual problems.These problems are not only in our mind and physical body, but also in the etheric body.Chakras can accumulate the negative energy.This may have a ‘knock on’ effect […]

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